So Much To See At The Australia Zoo Part 2.5 of 3

G’day mates! How ya going?

So here we are, back to complete the whirlwind tour of the Australia Zoo. Jordan, Jason and I had just finished stuffing our faces with lunch and we are all re-energized to continue our adventure… in the gift shop!

Cute little bitty koala bears.

Adorable little bitty wombats.

Pretty terrible, bug-eyed crocodiles. Why were these ones so ugly?

Let’s cuddle the cute ones again, to wash away that crocodile travesty.

Killing Boomerang Standard. I wonder what the Killing Boomerang Extreme would look like.

Jordan, Jason and me.

There were plenty of miscellaneous Australia Zoo souvenirs too.

Just in case you forget local colloquialisms, you can have them on your ruler!

More treats to take home. I find the Australian Roo Pooh to be a little bit confusing… because actual kangaroo pooh are shaped and look like chocolate coated peanuts. So these are teaching kids that this is acceptable to eat and if they don’t know better, they might go out there picking up pooh and eating it – Jason don’t eat the pooh!

My Steve by Terri Irwin, order it online for $14.95 AUD.

Let’s put on our fancy hats and get out of here!

Jason: Let me drive, woman.
Donna: Tee hee!

Jordan: How does thing work?!

Well folks, this adventure seems never-ending that we can’t possibly fit in all this goodness within three posts. How silly of me to think that the authentic Australia Zoo experience could be shared so briefly! There’s so much more to come. You really don’t want to miss our upcoming video post of Jason and Jordan’s hijinks with the bullroarer. It’s coming soon, we promise. Jason and I are super excited to share the rest of our adventures and will try super hard to get them all up for you. Especially to our family and friends back in Toronto, we heart you!

Sprinkle hearts!

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