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Brisbane’s Chinatown

G’day mates! Howzit going?

Chinatown is located in a community known as the Fortitude Valley (“the Valley” for short) just west of the Brisbane CBD. It’s described as young, hip and bohemian, a place to hear live, indie and alternative rock, jazz, international DJs and dine at hip cafe, bistros, and restaurants.

It was a community recommended to us during our apartment hunting because of it’s youthful energy and our love for Asian cuisine! It is a lovely area, but we just didn’t find any listings available. Still, I’m sure Jason and I will come here often to do a little shopping and get our drink on for some live music.

This Chinatown was pretty compact and not as expansive as the ones we’re used to in Toronto. This little community just took up a few blocks but then again, we haven’t truly explored all over the area so there still might be some hidden treasures to be found. Dining here was also reasonably priced and we’ll definitely be coming back for more Pho!

Until Pho’o’clock, sprinkle hearts!

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Trip to the Grocery Store

G’day mates! Howzit going?

Like many other shops and experiences here in Brisbane, a trip to the grocery store yields a few more surprises. A lot of the products look familiar but are named differently and of course, there’s the a selection of uniquely Australian products and other things that you wouldn’t normally find in stores in Toronto. The cost of things in the market is relatively the same, a few cents to a dollar more though meat prices are bit more inflated. But then again, my math could be wrong and it could very well be a better deal and then I would be eating steak every night!

We haven’t had the chance to try Vegemite yet, I’m kinda waiting for the perfect time to truly give this salty delicious goodness (or so I’m told) the chance.

I love the number 3! Is MightyMite Vegemite’s main competitor?

And the following photos are for my good friends Maverick and Mayhem! A riddle my friends: What product is missing from this set?

Clue: It ends with “ade” sillyhat!

And I suppose a trip to the grocery is not complete without a home brew kit!

Until the next trip to the grocery store, sprinkle hearts!

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Sweet (Albeit Temporary) Home

G’day mates! Howzit going?

Here’s a little sneak peak of our lovely little temporary home with a view of the Brisbane CBD river and into Fortitude Valley. It pretty much has everything we need to feel at home with a few hotel perks.

My little office!

A super lucky double yolk egg for a healthy breakfast!

Unfortunately, we’re only here for a little while and the search is on for a more suitable, longer stay home. Boy, apartment hunting has been quite a doozy but we’ll save that for next time.

Until then, sprinkle hearts!

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