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Welcome to Settlement Cove

G’day mates! How ya going?

Upon our return back to port from our Brisbane Whale Watching trip, we decided to stick around and have a walkabout. Jason and I wanted to enjoy the great weather and see what else Moreton Bay had to offer.

It wasn’t long before we came across an aquatic wonderland known as the Settlement Cove Lagoon.

It was a heavenly oasis, perfect for taking a dip in the water, sun bathing, chilling out and enjoying a BBQ by the bay. Amenities included picnic shelters, BBQ areas, playgrounds, swimming lagoon, wading pools, and beach showers. Jason and I instantly thought of our friends, and how massively awesome it would be to have a party here.

Settlement Cove gets Jason’s approval. When the weather gets warmer, we hope to come back to the laggoon for a dip.

It would have been nice to have learned what this space used to be and the history of it. Maybe it’s being used as a sort of public theatre now or something, judging by the stage like setup of the remaining building and amphitheatre like seating. If you happen to know what it is, feel free to send us a note.

On the boardwalk at the beach
We continued walking down the boardwalk when what do we spot in the sky?

Skydiver in the sky Skydiver landing on the beach Brisbane Jump the Beach van and skydiver
Brave skydiving souls (Jump the Beach)! I couldn’t imagine doing this at all. One of the girls that came down looked so frightened that she didn’t answer her tandem partner when he jovially asked her “Wasn’t that easy?”. She really looked freaked out which doesn’t inspire any sort of confidence in me and Jason is all lit up with the idea this could be our next adventure. Eeep!

Seafood Lovers Cafe menu
Further down the beach, we decided to have dinner at Seafood Lovers Cafe where we both had the fisherman’s basket!

Jason Rundell Donna Vitan Fisherman's basket and diet coke for dinner View of the ocean across the street
There’s nothing like dining al fresco with an ocean view.

Until next time homies, sprinkle hearts!

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