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Our First Day in Brisbane

G’day mates! Howzit going?

We arrived in Brisbane really early in the morning and for whatever reason, we were still anxious and energized enough to actually go out and have our first walk around the town.

The place we were staying at was right at the edge of Brisbane CBD (Central Business District) and very close to Jason’s workplace. We didn’t want to venture out too far but our walk was successful enough to find that everything was conveniently close – river boardwalk, Woolsworth grocery store, Subway, banks, and 7-11s.

Pretty sights nearby.

It was a lovely, brisk walk and though I’d imagined that the city would be more crowded, it wasn’t quite the bustling metropolis that I had imagined or expected. We came across a community fair near the river boardwalk with a lively crowd. I heard haggling at some of the booths but I wasn’t quite ready to put on my shopping game-face on. I still felt like I was dreaming and I didn’t want to start thinking about money or something serious like that. Meh!

View from our temporary but lovely hotel apartment, Mantra on Queen.

There’ll be more to share, especially the view from our balcony! I’ve taken so many photos from there, from different times during the day, just to capture the scenery. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I just want to soak it all in. There doesn’t seem to be that many highrises here as there are in Toronto. I think I’m going to miss the view as our next and more permanent residence will most likely be in a complex with fewer floors. You definitely have to enjoy the high life while you can!

Until next time, sprinkle hearts!

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Guides to Moving and Travelling Abroad

G’day mates! Howzit going?

It’s not enough to know more about your destination but to be prepared with your next step. You may only be visiting for short while or much longer, either way you should have a pretty good idea of what you want to experience and accomplish during your stay.

Have I mentioned that this move was one of the biggest decisions that Jason and I have ever done? Well it is! It surely deserves some proper research. Now I know we’ve already  written two other articles on research – “Research Before Making the Trip” and “What to Expect in Australia” – each one provides helpful links. So now that we’ve covered what you should do before the trip, learning more about your destination, let’s do more reading about what to do when you arrive!

Great guides and advice on moving and travelling abroad:

Alright folks, now that all that heady stuff is done, Jason and I can’t wait to share with you more of the fun stuff!

Have you got any more advice for us? Do you have more links that have helped you with your travels? We’d love to hear from you.

Until next time friends, sprinkle hearts!

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What to Expect in Australia

G’day mates! Howzit going?

The following links certainly helped us prepare for our trip downunder but since our arrival in Brisbane, we are constantly learning more about our new home.

Still, these resources are great for planning, finding out the requirements for entry and learning a little more about our destination.

Wall art at the arrival’s terminal with colloquial, Australian sayings and anything Australian in general.

Wherever you plan on going, learn as much as you can about that country so that the culture shock isn’t too great. It’s enough that you’re going to be a stranger in a new land, you shouldn’t put more stress on yourself by being ignorant about local customs and laws, political climate, religions, and general way of life.

Granted, Brisbane has hardly been a culture shock but there are certain nuances that remind me that I am no longer at home in Toronto. Even though things like shops and restaurants look familiar, they have their own Australian uniqueness. For example, McDonald’s is nicknamed Maccas while back in Toronto, I would have called it McD’s (mak dees).

What have been some of the differences unique to your hometown or places you’ve travelled to?

Until next time strangers, sprinkle hearts!

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