Let’s Go To The Australia Zoo, Part 1 of 3

G’day mates! How ya going?

Joining us on our adventure to the Australia Zoo, is our friend Jordan. He’s certainly a high-energy bundle of fun which is great for a full day at the zoo. It’s definitely a pleasure to adventure with more people, I highly recommend it.

The Australia Zoo is home of the late great crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin. The Irwin family officially opened the Beerwah Reptile Park in 1970. Back then, the park consisted of four acres, a few species of wildlife and a small caravan – which the Irwin’s called home. His legacy continues with his family celebrating 40 years of operation.

Oh yeah, whenever you’re going to visit an amusement park or anywhere special, you should check online for any promotions they may have to really take advantage of discounts and freebies. Another friend of Jordan, had tipped us off that by joining the Australia Zoo email newsletter, we’d get 50% off our admission fee so Jason and Jordan went to work on their iPod and iPad to quickly sign us up. This took forever because their registration process wasn’t that simple, we had to wait for the confirmation/welcome email AND THEN proceed with actually buying the ticket online! It was a tedious process because it had to be done for each person. Meanwhile, I was getting really impatient so I charmed the young man at the admissions booth to see if he could do anything for us. It worked!! I managed to score a ‘buy one, get one free’ special for Jason and I (since Jordan already completed his purchase on his shiny new iPad).

Let’s get this adventure started, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover!

It’s just a baby croc. It’s probably a good idea that the mama croc isn’t anywhere close because she might not like her baby getting petted by so many people.

A komodo dragon, sunning himself.

These parasite plants were very interesting. They just seem to stick along the bark and flourish. What are they?

If you’ve been to a few zoos, you’ll know notice that in this one, they put effort into the displays and environments of the animals. They also try to change it up to give the animals a variety and a sense of discovery which I really like a lot.

This Aldabra Giant Tortoise was huge! I wish I could have given you a sense of proportion but if I were to guesstimate, it was almost the size of a loveseat. I was overcome with a great urge to hop over the barrier and have a ride on the turtle.

Great friends make giant stone crocodiles extra fun!

Who’s next?

Well, there’s more to see in our next instalment of the Australia Zoo, so stay tuned. Sprinkle hearts!

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