The Worst is Over? Queensland Floods 2011

G’day mates! How ya going?

It’s back to work as usual for Donna and myself. Back in the office like nothing really happened. Donna and I were affected very little by the flood. We had power the whole time. Only a few streets around our apartment building had water on them and it was gone within a day and only approximately a foot deep in the worst nearby areas.

But a lot did happen. My heart goes out to Queensland.

The office has a lot less people in it. Some people are cut off to the city by water or transportation issues. Others may be worse and are dealing with the lose of their home or helping their families with property loss. Hopefully no one is dealing with missing friends or family.

The walk to work was different. Eagle street was a mess of mud and a lot of the businesses that are normally open were closed. There was also a lot less people and cars. Some intersections had no traffic lights working and police were directing the flow. Side note: I don’t wish the traffic cop job on anyone; all that dodging and twisting your body and neck, combined with the standing on hard, hot asphalt.

Water is receding but I hear that next week will be “King Tide” for Eastern Australia and on top of that a tropical cyclone on the way in a couple weeks. It’s expected that the cyclone will down grade into a tropical storm by the time it hits Brisbane, but this forecasting is weeks out. Things can change.

Here’s hoping the next 6 weeks are gentle on Queensland and the rest of Australia.

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