Brisbane City, Queensland Floods 2011

Hey mates! Just wanted to put a quick catch up to let family and friends know that Jason and I are doing alright. We’re currently still in Brisbane CBD and though the rain has lightened up a bit, we’re keeping a close eye on the news and trusted social media outlets for updates on the situation.

Here are some informative and frequently updated links to keep abreast of the situation:

You can also call 1800 219 028 in AUS or go to and help with Flood Relief.

Stay high and stay dry folks. Also, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to pack an evac bag just in case.

We have 7 lovely comments!
  • Marnie Luke

    Hi Jason & Donna,
    I’m a producer with CBC TV News, trying to reach you about the flooding in Brisbane.
    Can you please send me an email with a phone number where I can reach you?
    Marnie Luke

  • ♥ Donna Vitan

    Thanks for getting in contact Marnie. We just want to let our friends and family about our situation and that we’re doing well as can be expected in this situation. We’ll let you know any further developments.

    Take care.

  • Mike Barber

    I was wondering if either of you two would wanna chat to a reporter in Ottawa regarding your experiences during the floods? I’m trying to pull something together on the Canadian expat experience in Bris and around Queensland during this rather trying time.
    Any help would be much obliged.

    Mike Barber
    Postmedia News

  • Amber Buchanan

    CTV’s Canada AM would like to interview you guys about the flooding in Brisbane. Please let me know how to reach you guys.
    Much appreciated. 🙂
    Amber Buchanan

  • Jason Rundell

    Thanks Amber. We’ll be in touch.

  • Jason Rundell

    Hey Amber,

    I’ll send along my phone number to you but it looks like your email address is not working when I send to it. We don’t really have an exciting story to tell. The area we live in, down town Brisbane CBD by the gardens, did not get nearly as hairy as some of the other areas like Gimpy and Toowoomba. We barely had water on our streets. Other areas of Brisbane had much more flooding also but I’m not exactly sure where those are.

    Not sure if we fit what you’re after but let me know how to get in contact with you if you still want an interview.

  • ♥ Donna Vitan

    Hello Amber,

    Thanks for your interest. As Jason mentioned, we’re more relieved than anything that we’re safe. The best thing we can do now is help as much as we can and hope that others will donate to the Premier’s Flood Relief appeal: