Farewell Australia Zoo, It’s Been Swell Part 3 of 3

G’day mates! How ya going?

Here’s the shenanigan-filled final instalment of our Australia Zoo adventure. Jason and I have been up to many other adventures since our visit to the zoo with Jordan and it’s only now that we’re getting caught up with posting them. Thank you so much for your patience.

As you can see from our previous video post, Jason and Jordan show off their skills with the bullroarer resulting in the most hilarious highlight of our trip. Here’s Jordan pre-incident, he sure looks happy.

It wasn’t until later in the afternoon, that Jordan’s mishap becomes more obvious. Sad panda Jordan. But we mustn’t dwell, not on Rex Manning day!

Roo Heaven Rules Do not run or chase the animals Only feed special kangaroo food How to feed kangaroo food

There sure are a lot of rules in Roo Heaven.

Attack petting! Jordan and I totally attack petted this kangaroo because he was just lying there and we thought “Here’s our chance! This one can’t get away.”

Come hither.

There you go!

We can’t get enough of these kangaroos! I think an overload of photographic evidence on these animals is appropriate considering we may not see them again for a long time once we return to Toronto.

You put right foot in.

This dance won’t work if you both feet in. Dangit, kangaroo. Get it right!

Oh that’s right, you’re a kangaroo. Here, eat this.

I don’t remember why I was sad faced in this photo. Likely that the kangaroo was more interested in his patch of grass than the buffet in my hand.

Nothing to see here folks.

Wassup, kangaroo? Are we boring you?

Did that just happen?

Oh yeah, that just happened. Nature is interesting.

It was time to see the crocodile show, though you’ll have to forgive us for not having more shots of the crocodiles themselves because we got more into watching it at the time than taking more snaps.

The arena was quite sparse but there was still a bit of a crowd of travellers from around the world. The hosts introduced themselves and asked the crowd where they were from and few other Canadians were present. Woot!

A few lucky participants got a chance to make a fool of themselves have various birds land on them. It was pretty cool.

By the time we got to this part of the zoo, we were fortunate enough to make it for the elephant feeding.

They have a bucket of fruits and veggies, pick one up and hold it out for the elephant to take. It was pretty simple and they weren’t slobbery at all.

Elephant feeding was a success. It was very excellent.

Hilarity ensued when Jordan mistakenly heard the keeper tell him to just throw it on the floor. Then confusion followed when I told him that he did it wrong, so he went to pick up the food but the person next in line was already moving forward. Then there was awkwardness.

Into the lion’s den we go.

It was super cool to see that they had a very roomy enclosure for the tiger to play in. He even had a pool and water toys. It may not seem like much but this was another moment where we enjoyed ourselves but didn’t take enough photos.

I can’t get enough koala petting.

Can you believe that Jordan hasn’t even petted a koala until now?

Watch out keeper, the giant rat thing will attack you!

It’s strange looking isn’t it?

It’s a wombat!

And thus ends our Australia Zoo adventure. Did you enjoy it?

Of course, you did!

We hope you all enjoyed that as much as we did. Jason and I hope to share as much as we can about the people, places and things we encounter during our stay here in Australia as a way for others to learn more about a place they may want to visit one day. Feel free to ask us questions about any of these experiences, we’ll be more than happy answer them.

These entries have also become a keepsake of memories that Jason and I will treasure for a long time. You can say, it’s our version of the photo album that you keep tucked away on the bookshelf. Instead of the bookshelf, it’s here on our slice of the interwebz. That’s just how we roll.

More adventures to come, until then, sprinkle hearts!

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