Crikey! That’s A Lot of Croc Part 2 of 3

G’day mates! How ya going?

My favourite part of this zoo was the chance to touch and interact with a lot more animals than usual. The Australia Zoo showcases certain animals on a schedule and you can get the chance to hold them and take a picture with them, at a designated area or at their home… for a price! But even with the hefty price, you still get plenty of opportunity to get up close with the animals for free. Booyah!

Vroom, vroom! The hunt is on.

And leave it to Jordan to get a little saucy in the back. The croc is amused!

We have great respect for Mr. Steve Irwin for being an amazing entertainer and wildlife warrior.

Jason does his part in supporting Australia Zoo Conversation Projects. I did my part by watching shiny change roll into the bank hole.

The croc is appropriately contained within two sets of fences so if you really want to endanger yourself with bodily harm, then climb twice, as if the first fence wasn’t enough of a deterrent.

Look very closely. The croc is a naturally camouflaged predator.

And he’s got friends!

This piggy was so adorable, he was also very tiny.

So adorable!

And we can never have enough Koalas!

Look! Koala joey peeking within mama koala hug. Amazeballs!

The little grey fluff on the left is the joey (baby koala).


It’s a dingo! Which only reminds of Elaine, “Maybe the Dingo ate your baby.”.

Now that’s a reptile we can get close to without fear of losing a limb!

This one is not a turkey.

It’s great to learn about the animals too, from the information displays and the friendly keepers willing to explain more about the animals.

It’s time for lunch because Jason is getting crankypants!

But if you get the special kiddie box, you can’t help but be happy! Right Jordan?

We still have so much more to share, like a trip through the gift shop where we touch absolutely everything like kids on a sugar high, Jordan gets into a mishap with the Bullroarer, and I get to feed an elephant!

So stay tuned for the final instalment of our trip to the Australia Zoo. Sprinkle hearts!

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