Trip to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Part 1: More Than Just Koalas

G’day mates! Howzit going?

One of our goals upon coming to Australia was to experience as much as we can of the natural wildlife and attractions. A few weekends ago, we visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The world’s first and largest koala sanctuary with over 130 koalas.

At first we thought of taking the bus to Lone Pine but we found a brochure at the hotel lobby for the Miramar Boat Cruise, which would take us to and from the sanctuary and include entry into the park. We decided to go with the cruise rather than confuse ourselves with bus schedules, plus we would see and learn more about the Brisbane river with the guided cruise. We thought it would be the better deal but (we didn’t discover this until later) because of the arrival time at the park and the departure time to get back to Brisbane CBD, meant that we could only spend approximately 2 hours in the park and that we wouldn’t be able to see the wildlife shows we wanted – the koala show only takes place twice a day, once BEFORE the Miramar arrives at the park and again AFTER Miramar departs to return to the city.

Beautiful views of the city on both sides of the Brisbane river on the Miramar.

The boat ride up to the park was beautiful and educational, we learned a little bit about the ecology of the river, the discovery of the Brisbane river, historic flood that submerged the city and a bit about really rich people building awesome river front homes.

Toronto is only 15027km away!

Upon our arrival at the park, Jason and I decided that we’d rather see the afternoon koala show and enjoy a leisurely stroll through the park than rush back to catch the Miramar. We’ll just take the bus home after.

They have plenty of animals freely roaming the park, you can get really close to them but they can still be a bit skittish if you get too close.

We saw the birds of prey show (highly recommend it), they had them flying right above the crowd and you can feel the whoosh as they passed by. It was really awesome how they made us feel really close to the animals, we loved it. Jason tried to get some photos as they flew by but the birds are far too quick and our shutter way too slow, still it’s the experience that we remember.

“Maybe the Dingo ate your baby” Elaine, Seinfeld

Stabbity beak.

More friendly lizards on our path.

A strange bird that reminded me of an ostrich but with a boney/cartilage head thing and far more colourful.

Crocs, mate!

Just a couple of neat things at the souvenir shop. Nothing too exciting, just cuteness.

Stay tuned for the next Lone Pine chapter where he head up the kangaroo hill and mingle with the wildlife up close and personal.

How do you like our adventures so far? Is there something you want us to do next time? Let us know, we really love and appreciate our readers! We want to go to the Australian Zoo next, so if there’s something you definitely want to see, let us know!

Until then, sprinkle hearts!

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