Koala, King of Australia by Michael Sandford

G’day mates! Howzit going?

Excuse us for the quietness as of late. Things have settled down and we have gotten into a rhythm of working and chilling out.  We are looking at a few adventurous options along the horizon but we don’t want to share anything about them yet until we get some confirmations.

Until then, Jason and I are putting together the finishing touches on creating a custom design for this website, which we will soon unveil! I have been illustrating some elements and researching koalas when I chanced about this lovely gem!

koala king of australia

Koala, King of Australia by Michael Sandford, a web comic artist.

Jason and I are really close to wrapping things up with our design. Stay tuned for changes and new adventures.

Koala cuddles and sprinkle hearts!

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