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A Peek at Our Workstation

G’day mates! How ya going?

Here’s a little peek at our current workstation. Lucky for us, our furnished flat came with twin desks which easily lets us both work comfortably on our own and when we want to watch a show or movie, we just turn the monitor to the love seat.

We definitely miss our setup back in Toronto (4 sexy widescreen monitors all in a row) but bringing over our rigs would have been too costly. One idea was to ship a computer via courier to our hotel but the estimate was too much . We even thought about packing it up and bringing it with us on the flight instead, but the extra cost, inconvenience of lugging a massive box with us to the airport and mistrust of our luggage being handled with care just didn’t fly.

So for now, this is where most of the magic happens. Please disregard my current addiction with Facebook’s Cafe World.

Ooh, our first comment!


G’day mates! How ya going?

We’re seriously on the verge of updating our website design. Jason and I are super excited to put something new up but I think I’m holding up the process a tad bit. Personally, I often put client work ahead of personal work, so a project like Canucks Downunder fall to the wayside.

I’m going to have to push myself extra hard to get this baby launched sooner than later, so here’s a sketchy doodle for your preview pleasure!

Are you curious as to what the design will look like? Leave a comment and kick me on the butt to get a move on! I’d appreciate it.

Until then, sprinkle hearts!

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