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Youth Parade in Brisbane

G’day mates! Howzit going?

There was a parade on the street the other day (May 17th). I don’t know what it was for, they didn’t really have a banner or anything and by the time I grabbed the camera and opened the ye olde, heavy wooden window, the parade was just about done.

I wonder what it was about and who they were.

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Our Taps Go Up To 11

G’day mates! Howzit going?

Jason here with an interesting tidbit about the hot water in Brsibane: IT’S FRAKKING HOT!!

Back in 2004, the province of Ontario, Canada passed a law to prevent children from scalding themselves (kids can be so clumsy!). This law made it so that hot water in a household was not allowed to exceed 49 C/120 F. It made sense that people were worried about the number of children scalding themselves every year, but the new law also angered a large number of people. It just didn’t seem right that the government (that they elected) could tell them how hot their water was allowed to be. Some people had better reasons for being angry; like their water not being hot enough anymore due to living on a higher floor (water would cool down too much by the time it reached them) or having a poorly planned plumbing layout. These people were left with paying the bill on changes to their plumbing or having to move out.

This water temperature law is not in Brisbane.

Donna and I, being from Ontario, have been surprised several times by the extreme high temperature that our water can get here, in Brisbane.

In Canada, we just turn the hot water tap to full for a shower and don’t bother with the cold water. But in Brisbane, where the water has got to be upwards of 130 F (half a minute skin exposure in 130 F water can scald), it’s a fine balancing act to find the sweet spot of hot but not so hot it hurts.

Until next time mates, cheers and beers!

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Trip to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Part 3: Koala Grand Finale

G’day mates! Howzit going?

Ah, thank you so much for staying with us, we’ve finally reached the grand finale! The main attraction of the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the lovely koalas! There was so much going on in this park that we really  had to split up what could have been an obscenely long and photo heavy post. We’re super pumped to share our experience with the koalas with you.

Taking a photo with a koala is like taking a ride at an amusement park, there’s a line up and you have to pay to get your photo printed. The payment goes towards the upkeep of the sanctuary and there are different packages to choose from. If you do purchase a photo package, they let you take photos from your own camera which is great. And you can also get a free koala cuddle but no photos allowed.

It’s time to get our koala cuddles!

Randy Orton doesn’t look so tough when he’s getting koala cuddles! There were plenty photos of other celebrities with koalas lined up along the rail too. I wonder if Justin Beiber got to cuddle one during his visit.

They tell you to cradle your hands together as a support for the koala and then gently lay them on you.

Sometimes the koalas need some help posing. (Jason: Don’t worry, the handler was being very gentle with her here, it’s not as bad as it looks. I felt silly having this koala have to ‘pose’ with me, so unnatural for both the koala and myself)

Well, whatever bub, I paid for this shizz nizzle. Pretend you’re my best friend damnit! he he he.

Koala: Ahh, get me off this man tree!

My koala was a little more agreeable, her name is Serenity.

She’s totally enjoying my bosom.

She felt comfortable enough to push out a little turd against my belly!

There were also plenty of koalas all over the park, some were even stationed by the cafe area. We were eating our lunch at the picnic table with koalas hanging out or sleeping at their tree stations.

This one is a mum, and she’s got a joey (baby) inside her pouch. We could see the movement in her belly.

Interesting note: Due to the fact that the koala’s main source of food is the Eucalyptus leaf which is rather poisonous but full of water, koalas have developed a bacteria that help them digest the Eucalyptus. But they are not born with this bacteria, instead the joey pops its head out of the pouch to eat the mum’s pellet which has the bacteria in preparation for when it is grown enough to eat solid food. Sounds gross but amazing nonetheless.

It made us wonder though, if koalas don’t naturally produce this bacteria then what did they eat before the Eucalyptus?

Jason Rundell and his koala, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Donna Vitan and her koala Serenity, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

These were the 8”x10” printed photos we purchased and they came in a postcard frame. They also make reprints available for purchase online for a couple of weeks which is nice because you can send the links to your family and friends and they can order some too.

The koalas were definitely soft and squishy, their body was more soft like a cat than firm like a dog, if you were wondering what it felt like. While it was a super experience to hold them, they mostly stayed in their tree stations grooming and sleeping.

We definitely give Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary a thumbs up and when you get a chance to visit Brisbane, add this on your must visit list.

Fellow traveller or Brisbane local, what are some of your must visit recommendations? Where should we go next? Tell us in the comments.

Until next time, sprinkle hearts!

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